The Preamble

This is our first blog post after nearly 3 years in existence. It’s like switching on the game part way through the second quarter. With that in mind, a little background is warranted:

Cambridge Kit is a menswear brand created for guys (mid-30’s, young family, wears a shirt 5-7 days a week, competitive, but at ease with life as a grown up) in Australia, NZ and one day, The World. The reason Kit exists is because we found out through an extensive research program that guys don’t enjoy shopping for clothes (eureka!). We also discovered some insights that were consistent to most of the men we surveyed. Namely:

  • Men with partners and/or families and/or mortgages are time poor;
  • Putting outfits together for work is a lot harder than it looks on TV;
  • Even if they act like they don’t care, the majority of men want to look good;
  • When you look at a man’s wardrobe – which we did – you find that he gets about 80% of his wear from about 20% of his clothes.

Most of that isn’t particularly new to people – we could have done a vox pop on the street and we’d have received that sort of feedback in ten minutes. But the critical part was getting in front of the wardrobes of guys and discovering what they go through, day after day, as they get ready for work. And what we discovered was pretty eye-opening – for a lot of guys, it’s hard to look good every day. Each of them has a chunk of their wardrobe occupied by clothes they never wear because they don’t match with anything else. That struck a chord. So we tried to do something about it.

Kit is a collection of clothes designed to go together, so that any combination delivers an outfit that can be worn with confidence.

Having looked at guys’ wardrobes and heard their stories, we want to give them a solution to the problem of wasted purchases that don’t match with everything else in their wardrobe. We want to empower them to never have to ask ‘does this go with that? when getting ready for work. We want to show them that there’s a better way to dress. One that allows you to get more versatility from fewer items. Because everything goes together, we think we have a solution.

The trouble we face is, if guys don’t know they have a problem, how can you make them aware of the solution?


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